How It All Started

Hi I’m Rita, the owner and operator of OH My Macarons Incorporation. My Love story with Parisian Macarons started few years ago when I had my first authentic macaron brought from Paris (thanks to my sisters).   

At first I fell in love with the way they looked, I mean how can you resist a beautiful small fluffy jewel like treat? And then with the first bite of a dark chocolate fudgy Macaron I was under a spell for life. This was back in 2014, fast forward to two years later I was walking down the streets of Paris with my husband enjoying the first stop of our honeymoon and the experience of having beautiful and soul awakening pastries is Paris is life changing.

From then on I became obsessed with Macarons, and spent days and months watching videos and researching recipes before I attempted my first batch. Which what back then I thought was a success because they looked round and tasted amazing still. But soon I realized they were crumbly and hollow. With that, a series of endless days and nights of troubleshooting and optimizing started and 18 months later instarted producing full fluffy Macarons with every single batch. 

I must say this wouldn’t have been possible without my education in the field of life science and years of work experience in research laboratories where you develop troubleshooting techniques and ability to play around with creating new recipes and with Macarons new flavors. 

I hope you enjoyed my short story of how this all started, I’d like to thank my amazing clients, family and friends for supporting my business and helping me make a difference in people’s lives.


Rita Melkonian 

Owner and Operator of OH My Macarons Inc.

Toronto, Ontario.